April 11, 2016

Stone X Earth | Ceramic collection by July Adrichem

When looking at ceramic I always feel a need to touch and this collection by Julie was no exception when meetin her at the Elle Inside design festival in Amsterdam some time ago. Designed with a hint of elegance and a classic twist the stone collection is inspired by grey coloured river-stones, the matte outside of the Stone collection feels soft and at the same time strong while the inside feels smooth.
April 8, 2016

Remy Meijers X Gelderland | New collection 2016

Leading up to IMM2016 I had the pleasure of working with Dutch company Gelderland and visit their showroom and factory where I got a sneak peek of the new collection. Just like previous years, Gelderland presented their new collection during the IMM 2016 in Cologne, where I visited their new spot at Design Post

Remy Meijers is one of Gelderland's newest designers and is known for his sober and serene interiors, he loves how the company allows designers full control over every single detail when it comes to the execution of their designs, and in turn Gelderland loves the no-nonsense look of Remy's designs. For Gelderland Remy has designed a new dining room chair and table and a series of couches in different sizes, materials and a variety of beautiful greyish and brown tones, and oozes sober luxury.

The newly designed coffee table by Remy Meijers, is available in two sizes and has a playful accent in the tabletop, just my thing as it is perfect to frame a small collection. In the first place, Remy is an interior designer, and both his current and previous collections allow him to add an extra layer to his work.

In addition to the new collection, some classics have been added to the collection on display in Cologne: 'Small Square', Roderick Vos' famous solid oak side tables, are now available in a dark wood version. The side tables were originally made in a light oak colour, and come in six different models, inspired by Chinese characters.

To celebrate Gelderlander's 80 year anniversary, the 'Armchair 400' by Jan des Bouvrie is being re-released, with a few small updates. Originally, the 'Armchair 400' was a 70's design by Jan des Bouvrie, a designer who has been with Gelderlander for 35 years, and is responsibly for many of the classics. See the whole collection here at Gelderland

pictures ©Gelderland
April 6, 2016

NOBODY HAS TO KNOW | No size // No age // No gender

NHTK is an Amsterdam based fashion brand and store with a private label and two stores in Amsterdam. NOBODY HAS TO KNOW is about putting everything you can wear into a new perspective by not distinguish people by age, size or gender.
April 4, 2016

Amazing Bed and Breakfast on the Swedish countryside

Catching a glimpse of this concrete space and recognizing the hand of Marie Ollson was all it took for me to fall in love with this home and Bed and Breakfast. Marie and her husband worked for over a year to renovate this old farm on the Swedish countryside into an amazing Bed and Breakfast for the couple that lives here.

What we see is a raw concrete space with warm wooden elements and a bit of 'French' drama. 
I really love this kind of atmosphere and Marie's way of decorating with huge objects just like we see in her own home. I can only imagine the look from the windows after some snow has fallen... and I still want those daybeds!

Rent this via Air BnB: Fröken Hjorts
See Marie's home here: Marie Olsson Nylander home in Höganäs

pictures © Fröken Hjorts

April 1, 2016

5 new IKEA collections | Vitality launch event at X Bank Amsterdam

Based on craft and natural materials glass designer and ceramist Ingegerd Råman designed the 'VIKTIGT' collection for IKEA. Traveling to Vietnam she learned how to work with materials such as bamboo and waterhyacint and thinking on what she would need for herself, she designed a collection of different pieces.

For me personally it was the collection I felt most connected with out of the 5 collections presented during the IKEA vitality launch event the other day at X BANK. A night where the different designers were present to tell the story behind their design collaboration with IKEA and we got to see the new collections.

I was really curious to see the 'Viktigt' collection I have my eyes on for my patio and try out the furniture of which most is produced by local craftsmen in Vietnam. Next to the black chair and bench, which is really comfortable, the collection consist of several baskets, two different dining chairs, stools, a beautiful lamp, plant hangers, glassware and a black and white dinner set... I want it all! Viktigt will be available in stores from May 2016 as a limited edition

Other collections presented were those of fashion designers Katie Eary, GILTIG and Walter Van Beirendonck, GLÖDANDE, Tanya Long showed her picture for the IKEA Art  event 2016. New also is ANVÄNDBAR, an IKEA collection that takes a hands-on approach to a sustainable life at home and make it easy to do at least one small thing every day that is good for the planet. Available from April 2016 as limited editions.
In Dutch: 5 nieuwe IKEA collecties

Pictures ©IKEA