April 4, 2015

OrriFinn | Tools a performance

Saturday morning in Reykjavik, I plannend to visit some of the black beaches together with some other bloggers and journalists, but during the night the weather became that bad, that in the morning everyone was advised to not go outside... so we stayed in the hotel, I had a long breakfast and plannend in some blogposts. In the afternoon the wind was gone, we went for some lunch and shopping and met up with the rest of the group at the opening of 'Tools' by OrriFinn, an exhibition at their workshop.

While tools are normally used for certain goals, the ORRI FINN designers made a collection of jewellery pieces that are replica of chosen tools  some that relate to certain professions, others that are necessary in our everyday lives. I
 photographed the workshop where their pieces were on display but also beautiful captured on photo. At the same time the collection and a large skull was presented at Mýrin

pictures 1-3 via OrriFinn | 4-8 ©Vosgesapris

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April 3, 2015

Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2015 | Cocktail dresses & white sneakers

In my first blogpost about Iceland and my my visit to DesignMarch 2015 |read it here if you missed it| I talked about on how Sari and Birta organised things for us and I really loved all the effort they took in personalising the tour for all journalists from different countries. It is so much easier if people who know the country and it's design point out the best places for you. So A big thank you to them!

April 2, 2015

Shopping online for new pillows | Spring solutions

Like I mentioned before, the Icelandic Natura hotel was a real treat and inspired me to set myself a new goal for Spring: shop for new bed linen, pillows and maybe even a new bed! It was time to put those words into action and I decided to start by buying some new bed pillows.
I love lazy mornings and on Sundays I always take the opportunity to stay in bed a bit longer and do some work on the laptop. I prefer white bedlinen, I tried to put back my dark grey duvet covers this winter, but quickly changed back to white, and I love an extra blanket and different cushions... but after using them for some time now, they have become a bit old and I thought why not try to order some new cushions online.

Ordering online is something I don't do very often but I thought I should give it a go and had a look at the different options at Kussen.nl. The whole process was quite easy to be honest. There are 5 filters to help to find your favourite type of pillow, like brand or material. I simply started by searching for a synthetic pillow as they are my favourite. From there I filtered by size, type of sleeper and softness.... I went for a medium/firm pillow (Cinderella New Classic medium/firm hoofdkussen) which turned out to be great for lazy Sunday mornings as well, as they're firm enough to stand up straight, offering plenty of back support. I think the best part of this experience was being able to save time and money by not have to go in to town or to our Swedish friend.

pictures ©fashionandnail | In collaboration with Kussen.nl
April 1, 2015

Music on Portobello road | New B&O Play headphones

London has always been one of my favourite cities, and being back in town after many years brought back so many memories of early 2000 meetings with friends, seeing new bands in little concert venues, and long nights at Saturday night rockclub Decadence in Dean Street.

When having a few hours off, Linda and me took the subway to Camden town and had a walk around, I bought some posters... that I forgot at the airport but look great in the pictures! And how do you like this book 
with old street style pictures of Portobello road that I found in the apartments bookcaseWe had some Asian food at Camden stables market and a drink at World's end before heading back downtown... had forgotten about that spiral staircase to be honest!

For me London is all about music and I am glad we had some B&O Play headphones to listen to music in and outside our apartment on Portobello road, a lively area with many small cafe's for delicious coffee's and a supermarket around the corner for wine and late night snacks for fun nights in. We always love to stay up late, to catch up with each other and listen to some music out of the speakers we picked up during a visit at B&O in London earlier that week.

London blog tour is sponsored by: at{mine}B&O PlayBuster + PunchFolkloreNest.co.uk and TiipoiPhotography © Desiree for Vosgesparis & #BloggerstourLDN 

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An afternoon at LIBERTY London

An afternoon with Head of Design of Liberty Art fabrics Emma Mawston, her colleague, delicious scones, my first ones ever!, and coffee and tea. They gave us an insight into the inspiration and symbolism of their Secret Garden collection, named after the classic novel, and the process of creating it. Meeting the designers and seeing how they design and hand colour every little detail by hand was quite impressive.  

Liberty wallpaper at the design studio's wall
Seeing the detailed original drawings and the corresponding fabric made makes you realize the amount of work involved in the collection. I framed a copy of one of the designed details to give you an impression of the work that's involved. At the {at}mine blog you can read more about our visit to this iconic store that was part of our day with {at}mine

London blog tour is sponsored by: at{mine}B&O PlayBuster + PunchFolkloreNest.co.uk and TiipoiPhotography © Desiree for Vosgesparis | #BloggerstourLDN

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