January 12, 2013

A story in concrete and white

Concrete and white in my living. How do you like this mix of  colors....

January 9, 2013

Shopping the tough way... Hutspot Amsterdam

Last summer I posted some pictures of Amsterdam based shop Hutspot, where young and upcoming creative talents have the opportunity to sell their products in their own space within the shop (see: Hutspot Amsterdam) They recently opened at their new location. Last week I went to check it out and made lots of pictures, you can see on my other blog Amsterdam next 
January 7, 2013

How to display your favorite books

I am a huge fan of Ribba ledges ,you might have seen them in my studio pictures. I recently came across some photos, made by Amelia Widell, on Johanna's blog Lovely Life featuring the home of Stockholm based model Patric Ohlund.

Especially the bedroom caught my attention and how, just like in my studio, some Ribba ledges have been added to the wall. I love how the first one is attached less then a meter from the floor. These ledges have some more space between on and another to add a nice collection of photo books and magazines. I also love how the rest of the apartment is decorated with framed pictures hang onto different heights onto the wall. It shows how you don't always have to hang frames on eye level. It definitely makes a room more unexpected

This post can also be read at my blogs for IKEA, follow them here in English ou ici en Francais. 
January 4, 2013

Tiles and Tajini's

In this post some pictures I made in my kitchen. I'm a big fan of Black Pottery kitchen ware from Colombia and I have these and some other pieces of black earth-ware for years. Totally loving the deep black and mat look of it, I immediately fell in love with the tajini's Anouk brought from Marocco for AnoukB

January 1, 2013

Welcome to the other side...

Welcome to the other side ...

*where we create ideas*
*walk through Paris in our dreams*
*believe in simplicity and imperfection*
*like to surround us with positive people*
*enjoy listening to our favorite music*

*love to meet new people*
*encourage our friends*
*are thankful*
*love to laugh*
*do epic shit*
*look at the stars*
*love to inspire*
*work hard*
*are kind*
*enjoy to travel*
*love freedom*
*dress in black*
*drink lots of coffee*
*believe in miracles*

Welcome to 2013 lets make it an amazing year!

I couldn't help myself and made a collage of my personal favorites of 2012! like I did for 2011.. Black is still my favorite and it doesn't even surprise me! Rock on!