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July 28, 2016

Danish Reform opens showroom in Berlin and NYC

Last year I introduced you to Reform, the Danish company that uses IKEA's metod line of kitchen elements as a base giving everyone the opportunity to have a new designed or update their kitchen with architect designed fronts and table tops with a very affordable total price.

Reform’s fronts and table tops are designed by some of the world's best architects. Side-by-side from BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group to Henning Larsen Architects and Norm Architetcs. 
Reform is also the story of a friendship between Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen, the two of them founded Reform in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2014 and through the past 1.5 years the company has sold their kitchen designs to 12 countries. 

In the spring of 2017 Reform will be opening the doors to the sought showroom in New York, but already this year in September the company will open a showroom in Berlin. At the opening of the showroom in the German capital, Reform will announce a new collaboration with a Berlin-based international-respected architect who has designed Reforms new kitchen.  

 Norm Architects for Reform

Wanting to see the design for some time with my own eyes and curious to hear if also Holland will be one of the countries Reform might open a showroom, this news certainly made me want to find out more. Luckily Reform's CEO Jeppe and Michael were glad to answer some of my questions.

I can't wait to eventually visit one of their showrooms and maybe start designing myself. On the Reform website you will find more information on the different design and looks, and please scroll down for a 
short interview with Reform's CEO Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen, thank you guys! 

Basis 01 fronts in painted white with handles in natural oak. Table top in linoleum in color Conifer with edges in natural oak

Can you tell me something more about the showroom in Berlin?
We haven't signed the lease yet, but we are planning on opening up 300-400 square meters in the center of Berlin in this autumn. At this moment we are looking for a showroom, and have seen quite a few, but not THE showroom just yet :-) The plan is to open up an unconventional kitchen showroom, where we are combining our kitchens with an open office space decorated with special curated and internationally known Danish and Scandinavian furniture and interior. We want it to be a place, where you want to drop by for a cup of coffee, look at great Nordic design, get inspired and have an informal chat.

Why do you think you are popular in Germany?
The interest for Scandinavian/Nordic and especially Danish design is quite popular in Germany at the moment. This combined with a universal concept as Reform, where you easily can get a really good quality kitchen at reasonable prices is just a good combination. You can get IKEA all over the world, which of course helps us a lot.

Do you think an opening of a showroom in Berlin will make the brand even more successful here - and what's the future plans for Germany?
We see our business as an online business, which is not dependent on having physically stores, but it definitely have a positive value to be present with a physic flagship store.

It will make it easier for us to spread the word about Reform and our concept. For the next months we are having a pop-up showroom in Munich, so we are definitely going for Germany right now :-) And who knows? If people in Berlin like Reform, we will open showrooms other places in Germany with time.

What's your plan for the future - Belgium, Holland etc? You just opened an office in NYC, right?
At some point we will properly open up flagship stores in other European countries, where Belgium and Holland is definitely interesting places and on our top list. Yes, we just opened an office in Williamsburg in NYC, and at the end of this year we would start exploring the opportunities for a New York showroom. It's a different market than here in EU, but we have already sold kitchens in NYC, so they are aware of us and seems to like our architect designed kitchens.

Østerbro Apartment
October 2, 2017

An all black Reform kitchen in a bright Copenhagen home

Whenever I can I try to avoid just posting the same content of a fellow blog friend, many times you can't avoid and just come across the same images at the same time but today I have to admit I just had to copy the pictures from Line's beautiful kitchen after spotting them on the blog of Elisabeth as they show my favourite kitchen. 

I know I have been posting the Reform kitchen designed by Norm architects several times on the blog and I just loved to finally seeing their design with my own eyes in both the Kinfolk office and when visiting Reform in Copenhagen earlier this year, have a look: 
Reform Kitchen showroom visit 

Seeing the kitchen in a real home is different and gives an even better idea of how to integrate the design in your own home. I met Line about four years ago for the first time during a dinner event at the home of Nathalie Schwer 
and It was a pleasure to see her again at the Menu space where she works and organised a dinner for family and friends to celebrate the new showroom.... and then coming back from work there is this amazing kitchen waiting for her at home.

Being a fan of Menu I could not help to spot the
 Afteroom Bar Chair, the Socket Occasional Lamp, and some smaller items. I also really love the lamps and the grey walls, stay tuned for a new collaboration and a little change in my own kitchen soon! 

Pictures by Emil Monty Freddie // Reform
June 13, 2017

Reform Kitchen showroom visit | 3 days of design

Writing about a brand you got to know online is one thing, seeing the actual kitchen design and meeting the people behind the brand you have been emailing with is something else. During 3 days of design I had the chance to visit the Reform showroom and meet the team in Copenhagen.

I first have been writing about Reform when they launched their kitchen in collaboration with Norm Architects. An amazing kitchen, which is affordable because of the use of IKEA components, have a look here at the kitchen that is still my favourite after I have seen most of them at the showroom: 
Norm Architects X Reform | New Affordable design kitchens

Chris L. Halstrøm
During 3 days of design a new kitchen design by Chris L. Halstrøm was launched. The kitchen, build with IKEA Method elements as a base, has an almost Japanese minimalistic look, the handle has become a part of the entire door – a frame for the door itself. In the showroom the grey kitchen was installed, but Chris' design is also available in black.

For the past three years Swedish Afteroom has held a permanent spot on Architonic’s TOP 100 designers in the world. Founded and directed by the Taiwanese team of Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei they aim to create uncomplicated furniture and objects that become more valuable as time goes on. In the showroom they presented their sideboard and from what I have seen from it, it would fit in any room and create an instant clean and uncluttered look, can you believe me if I say the doors are really beautiful. 

I loved making pictures in the showroom which is located in an old factory, creating a beautiful backdrop for the kitchens. Next door and connected to the showroom you will find Million who provided some of the tables shown in the pictures, while the plywood ones are made by the team for the styling purposes.

photography©fashionandnail | picture 3 and 6 ©ReformCPH

These pictures were made during 3 days of design 2017, find all my posts on the blog under '3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design Pinterest album  
August 14, 2015

Norm Architects X Reform | New Affordable design kitchens

Danish Norm Architects have teamed up with Reform, a new Danish furniture company to design a kitchen that is raw, natural and with unique materials that will patinate beautifully. Partly build out of Ikea kitchen components this will give everyone the opportunity to buy a high-end design at a reasonable price.

April 16, 2018

Degree by Cecilie Manz for Reform Copenhagen

Reform Copenhagen was one of the many highlights when visiting last years Three days of Design in Copenhagen. The showroom is located outside the city centre in a raw and industrial environment away from the crowd and I loved hanging out a bit longer and have a coffee outside in the sun.

A new kitchen, designed by the by Maison & Objet chosen designer of the year 2018 Cecilie Manz was recently launched. The kitchen has a practical steel countertop, a raw expression that is balanced with the wooden cabinet fronts. The geometric notch handle is placed in the corner of each front and adds a graphic element to the kitchen. The simple details and honest materials create a classic but modern look. Other Reform kitchens I wrote about previously can be found here


June 22, 2017

Kinfolk Gallery visit

At the dinner night for the opening of the new Menu Space, I got to meet Nathan of Kinfolk and he kindly invited me to drop by at their workspace and gallery, and being in Copenhagen a few days later me and Maaike who I met at Frama had a little bike tour to the gallery. There was a photoshoot that day and the whole place was kind of turned upside down but luckily there are some great pictures at the site of Norm Architects, the designers of the Gallery.

The Kinfolk Gallery is a collaborative, multifunctional space in the heart of Copenhagen 
Co-created in partnership with some of the world’s leading interiors brands, The Kinfolk Gallery is available to host a variety of events, such as art exhibitions, visiting pop-up shops, guest lectures, fashion showings, workshops, dinner gatherings and photo shoots like you can see in the picture below. 

The kitchen in the back is designed by Norm Architects for Reform, have a look at my visit to their showroom here Reform Kitchen showroom visit | 3 days of design
Curious to see what else I saw at 3 days of design? find my posts on the blog under 
'3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design Pinterest album