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October 11, 2017

FRAMA Studio kitchen | New catalog & Long table gatherings

Frama CPH recently launched their new catalog and I love to show you some pictures of the free standing kitchen elements the kitchen is build off. 
I first came across the kitchen at the Frama studio apartment which is the private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen, he opened his home for the occasion of 3 days of design and I got to photograph his home, have a look if you haven't seen it: A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment 

I even liked the kitchen more after seeing pictures at the blog of Elisabeth Heijer made at the Oslo Design fair, pictured above and below here. When visiting Copenhagen you will also find the kitchen in the Frama Studio store in one of the rooms where you can have a drink or lunch.
In collaboration with Copenhagen-based chef Mikkel Karstad, Frama is hosting curated dinners at the Frama Studio Store in Copenhagen from October 4-25, more info here.

Frama Kitchen
The Frama Kitchen portrays
the light expression of a piece of furniture within the kitchen environment. Every Frama Studio Kitchen is built upon a powder coated metal grid, providing an industrial but light approach. Within the free standing units we have encased top of the line appliances while retaining a low-tech and analogue expression. More info about the kitchen can be found here in the new catalog. text by Frama

More info about the kitchen can be found here in the new catalog. More of my Frama discoveries and Copenhagen visits can be found under '3 days of design' and in this 3 days of design Pinterest album  

- The kitchen as seen at the Frama store -
pictures 1-2 ©Elisabeth Heijer all other ©Frama 

February 28, 2018

New design by Frama Copenhagen

Some news from Frama arrived in my mailbox and I love to show some of the latest new additions to the ever expanding Frama 
Collection. The beautiful sculptural Triangolo Chair, designed in 1989 by Per Holland Bastrup is now available at Frama

The chair has a characteristic strong geometric form and simple lines, perfectly fitting 
the Frama principles, and made out of untreated stainless steel to allow a natural patina to develop over time. Picture above and below made at the Frama Studio apartment during 3 days of Design more of the apartment can be found here

A new Adam barstool, Adam R31, with a round seat is set to be launched next month, design by Toke Lauridsen.

Available for pre-order from March 25 and pretty much on top of my wish list is the Ventus pendant lamp, a collaboration between Frama and Danish designers Included Middle, an architectural design creating new forms in the environment it is placed. The pendant is capped off by an opal glass light shade which exudes the warm glow of an integrated LED bulb within. Bronze silikon cord.

Cone shade lamp by Frama

pictures courtesy Frama | first two picturs © fashionandnail
July 19, 2017

Artist Residence curated by Frama in Italy | Negative Capability

When in Copenhagen, I was pretty blown away by everything around Danish Frama, visiting the Studio apartment of Niels Strøyer Christophersen during three days of design and the Frama store in the former Apothecary were certainly a few of the highlights of my visit at 3 days of design. Now Frama is bringing their aesthetics to my beloved Italy where in partnership with the Scaroni-Monti family they realised the Frama Artist Residence in Palazzo Monti.

Located between Milano and Verona in the Italian city of Brescia, the 13th Century Palazzo complete with frescoes, will be welcoming artists from the Frama network throughout the year. The first artist to create and present his works in the beautiful surroundings, is Leonardo Anker Vandal with the exhibition "Negative Capability", a term he choose to describe beauty as a perception, experienced through the emotions and senses.

I am excited to follow the different exhibitions and of course I would love to see the Palazzo with my own eyes this summer. Follow the Frama Artist Residence on Instagram at framabrescia At the end of this post the Frama collection photographed in the Palazzo.

pictures courtesy Frama
March 13, 2018

Dialogue | A book by Berlin based Our Food stories and Frama

What Nora, who works as a (food-)stylist and photographer Laura of the wonderful Our Food stories and myself have in common is probably our love for the beautiful Frama and I was really happy when I won their book 'Dialogue' through a competition at Only Deco love. Our Food stories started as a blog while Laura was feeling unwell due to food-allergies, and they started cooking and making new recipes in order to as they say, create delicious gluten free cake recipes that taste as good as a normal cake.

After meeting Niels Strøyer Christophsen, the founder of Frama Cph some years ago after discovering the ceramics from Frama. Niels had the idea to create a book together with inspirational interviews, interior design photos from Frama's projects and gluten-free recipes created and photographed by Our Food stories.

For the launch of their book they organised a special dinner at their studio in Berlin, where occasionally they also organise beautiful gatherings. Eye catcher of the studio, if there isn't an amazing flower or pampas grass installation above the table as seen in the pictures further in this post, must be the beautiful black Frama kitchen. I am in love with their studio and hope to find the time to make one of their recipes and have a taste of the delicious looking cakes soon. Dialogue is available in selected bookstores or online via the Frama shop

pictures via Our Food stories
June 26, 2017

FRAMA Studio store in the former St. Pauls apothecary

Earlier I showed you the The Frama Studio Apartment and private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen: A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment  In the afternoon I visited the Frama Studio store located in the former St. Pauls Apotek in the historic and protected neighbourhood of Nyboder. At the entry the St. Pauls Apothecary Collection is beautifully showed in the original 1800’s cupboard of the apothecary. 

Just like in the apartment, the 
different rooms in the store are sparsely furnished with the permanent and Studio Collection. The backroom with a round round table filled with the stoneware collection was one of my favourites, throughout the hallway different object and light objects, industrial furniture, an amazing metal window divider art objects and light objects.

One of the rooms shows the 
award-winning kitchen design and serves as a small cafe. Visit Frama in Copenhagen, New York or Oslo.  

pictures ©vosgeparis

These pictures were made during 3 days of design 2017, find all my posts on the blog under '3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design Pinterest album