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October 11, 2017

FRAMA Studio kitchen | New catalog & Long table gatherings

Frama CPH recently launched their new catalog and I love to show you some pictures of the free standing kitchen elements the kitchen is build off. 
I first came across the kitchen at the Frama studio apartment which is the private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen, he opened his home for the occasion of 3 days of design and I got to photograph his home, have a look if you haven't seen it: A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment 

I even liked the kitchen more after seeing pictures at the blog of Elisabeth Heijer made at the Oslo Design fair, pictured above and below here. When visiting Copenhagen you will also find the kitchen in the Frama Studio store in one of the rooms where you can have a drink or lunch.
In collaboration with Copenhagen-based chef Mikkel Karstad, Frama is hosting curated dinners at the Frama Studio Store in Copenhagen from October 4-25, more info here.

Frama Kitchen
The Frama Kitchen portrays
the light expression of a piece of furniture within the kitchen environment. Every Frama Studio Kitchen is built upon a powder coated metal grid, providing an industrial but light approach. Within the free standing units we have encased top of the line appliances while retaining a low-tech and analogue expression. More info about the kitchen can be found here in the new catalog. text by Frama

More info about the kitchen can be found here in the new catalog. More of my Frama discoveries and Copenhagen visits can be found under '3 days of design' and in this 3 days of design Pinterest album  

- The kitchen as seen at the Frama store -
pictures 1-2 ©Elisabeth Heijer all other ©Frama 

July 19, 2017

Artist Residence curated by Frama in Italy | Negative Capability

When in Copenhagen, I was pretty blown away by everything around Danish Frama, visiting the Studio apartment of Niels Strøyer Christophersen during three days of design and the Frama store in the former Apothecary were certainly a few of the highlights of my visit at 3 days of design. Now Frama is bringing their aesthetics to my beloved Italy where in partnership with the Scaroni-Monti family they realised the Frama Artist Residence in Palazzo Monti.

Located between Milano and Verona in the Italian city of Brescia, the 13th Century Palazzo complete with frescoes, will be welcoming artists from the Frama network throughout the year. The first artist to create and present his works in the beautiful surroundings, is Leonardo Anker Vandal with the exhibition "Negative Capability", a term he choose to describe beauty as a perception, experienced through the emotions and senses.

I am excited to follow the different exhibitions and of course I would love to see the Palazzo with my own eyes this summer. Follow the Frama Artist Residence on Instagram at framabrescia At the end of this post the Frama collection photographed in the Palazzo.

pictures courtesy Frama
June 26, 2017

FRAMA Studio store in the former St. Pauls apothecary

Earlier I showed you the The Frama Studio Apartment and private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen: A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment  In the afternoon I visited the Frama Studio store located in the former St. Pauls Apotek in the historic and protected neighbourhood of Nyboder. At the entry the St. Pauls Apothecary Collection is beautifully showed in the original 1800’s cupboard of the apothecary. 

Just like in the apartment, the 
different rooms in the store are sparsely furnished with the permanent and Studio Collection. The backroom with a round round table filled with the stoneware collection was one of my favourites, throughout the hallway different object and light objects, industrial furniture, an amazing metal window divider art objects and light objects.

One of the rooms shows the 
award-winning kitchen design and serves as a small cafe. Visit Frama in Copenhagen, New York or Oslo.  

pictures ©vosgeparis

These pictures were made during 3 days of design 2017, find all my posts on the blog under '3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design Pinterest album  
September 11, 2017

A couple's home with great style | D’Orazio & Kråkvik

All Roads Lead to Rome the say, in my case though it seems everything I come across lately lead back to 3 days of design and Frama. Thinking about changing the backsplash at home and adding something to protect the wall, something with Italian style and lots of olive oil, my eye caught the kitchen wall of this beautiful home. Even after studying the pictures I still donn't understand what they used to protect, so if you know please do tell!

This apartment is the home of Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Kråkvik, an Italian - Norwegian couple working in the field of interior design and styling as Kråkvik&D´Orazio, and owners of Oslo based store Kollekted By. The apartment is painted in smoky blue with washed-out pine floors and a mix of textures, materials and shapes. Some furniture, accessories and also the kitchen is by Frama.

Jannicke explaines how when decorating they start by filling up a room and taking things away piece by piece until it almost hurts and then, suddenly just will feel right! Next to Frama, other furniture used in the home are chairs by Thonet,  a vintage cabinet with a mirror by Dutch Lex Pott & David Derksen, Flos and Knoll.

Kollekted By
The couple first designed a few bars and cafes in Oslo for friends until in 2013, in partnership with Frama, they opened Kollekted By an interior store filled with minimal Danish furniture from Frama and a carefully curated collection of their own favourite furniture, lighting and interior objects from around the world like Workstead, Eumenes, Futagami, Hampson Wood, Guri Sandvik, Menu, Labt, Restart Milano, Karimoku New Standard, MAK Lab, Karin Carlander, and Dutch Mae Engelgeer amongst others.

Photography by lars-petter-pettersen found via NYT Magazine
June 15, 2017

A raw and minimalistic apartment | Frama Studio apartment

Visiting the Frama Studio apartment was one of the most beautiful things I had seen in a long time, some might call it a bit to much and unfinished, to easy or something they have seen before elsewhere, but haven't we seen almost everything before? For me as a lover of the raw, the different... the unfinished and the imperfect it was a relief after seeing lots of polished interiors and design.

I did not only went to Copenhagen to attent 3 days of design, but also to find inspiration and most of all getting 
challenged and find out if my ideas and the way I feel like decorating at the moment is how I want to continue. You might say bringing in the dark floor into my home, kind of brought me out of balance and at a point where I had to re-find myself. 

For an instant I thought it was to much, all the metal and the black, but to be honest it is what I love most and visiting this almost bare apartment with it's unexpected industrial finds and easy solutions made me realize I just have to continue following my instinct and trust my feeling and it will all work out... after all it is nothing more then following my masterplan again: 
MASTERPLAN 2.0 | A personal story Can you imagine I came back with even more ideas..... read more after the next pictures.


The Frama Studio Apartment is the private home of Frama founder Niels Strøyer Christophersen, who opened his home for the occasion. When I arrived at the apartment Niels was just talking to a group of journalists, and I was lucky to get a private tour by one of his friends who I actually first met in Amsterdam.

The apartment is filled with original ideas, like the glass partition added on both sides of a doorframe between the dining room and the bedroom and the metal construction leftovers with an added marble surface. In the living a stack of beams, found in a building that was being renovated, forms a wall and beautiful decorative element at the entrance of the apartment.

When renovating the apartment Niels found the stripped down walls with leftover marks from the plaster work and sanded surfaces were to beautiful to cover and he combined them with stucco lower sections in grey and moss green in the dining room. The living is recently plastered and painted I was told. The beautiful white historical ceilings beautifully matched the raw walls and delicate linnen and silk curtains add a soft element to the space. 

Frama sells a collection of furniture, a kitchen line born from elements originally found on the street and put together for the apartment, lighting, perfume, books, apparel and accessories. They all have in common that they focus on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency, I will show you the beautiful store in another post. 

pictures ©fashionandnail

These pictures were made during 3 days of design 2017, find all my posts on the blog under '3 days of design' and have a look at this 3 days of design pinterest album