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January 30, 2018

Join us at The Hoxton design event on February 4

showroom of one of our selected brands for the Hoxton space

It has been a long time since I wrote so few blogs in one month, I normally try to post minimal three times a week, with travelling to Copenhagen, and working at both Domotex and imm Cologne this month I simply could not find the time. Luckily there was Instagram and I hope you liked following me on Stories and on the imm account I took over for a day, I will show you some more from imm and the new collections I spotted soon. Meanwhile I had a meeting at the beautiful space above together with Beeldsteil for some future collaborations including this next weekend's Hoxton Design Event.

Hoxton Design Event
For our next
w/ Style project we will style the event space for the Hoxton Design Event on February 4. We selected some of our favourite brands to work with and are really happy they will join us for this occasion. Expect selected work by Frama, Moebe, Paper Collective, SPRDLX, Miscellaneous, Just Right, Pillah, Leff Amsterdam, Elle Decoration, Marie Stella Maris and Nomess 

Pop in anytime between 11am and 7:30pm 
and come say hello, we would love to meet you! Book your tickets for the different workshops and panel talks here 

Next to our styling we will also join one of the panel talks, and last but not least we will show a part of our 'selected w/ Style' collection of travel products, and I couldn't think of a better place then at the lively Hoxton hotel with it's many travellers from all over the world. Scroll down for more info and location of the festival day!

Hox How To: Hone Your Eye For Interiors

There are different workshops to follow, there is a pop up store filled with design books by Amsterdam's finest bookstore Atheneum, and there are different panel talks, including one with my friend Patrick also from the Interiorator website you can sign up for. All will be moderated by Margot van der Krogt at Mae & Many.  Find all information about the day, which starts at 11am with the first workshop, and how to sign up here 

The festival day is part of the global series #HoxHowTo, by the Hoxton Hotels. The events are all geared up towards empowering and equipping people to take their interests in a cultural discipline to the next level – and in Amsterdam, the festival is dedicated to design, ith the theme ‘How To: Hone Your Eye for Interiors’

Hoxton Hotel Amsterdam, Herengracht 255, 1016BJ Amsterdam,
info and tickets  

January 29, 2018

The new Scandinavian | imm Cologne 2018

After bringing my personal style to life during the Bloggers’ Trend Show last year, I have been asked to come back to imm Cologne and share my personal design highlights in a Trade fair tour for the 2018 fair in Cologne. As said every theme needs a name and I called mine 'The new Scandinavian' giving visitors the opportunity to see some of my favourite brands.  

With a preference for minimalism and functional timeless design, I am mostly drawn to Scandinavian style which I love to combine with my own soft industrial touch. Scandinavian interiors are characterized by clean lines and minimum accessories. Comfort and function are important, and natural materials such as wood, metal, stone and beautiful fabrics are used frequently. 

The Scandinavian design industry has a long history, and a lot of companies are still family-run. They cherish their traditions and craftsmanship – something I really love about many of the brands. Nowadays, many of them collaborate with young designers to be able to offer the contemporary and much sought-after ‘New Scandinavian style’, bringing in new colours or using dark wood next to the familiar pale and muted colours. Many young brands follow in the footsteps of the established ones, embracing the Scandinavian basics of design while adding their own contemporary touch. 

imm Scandinavian favourites  A recap of the brands I choose, and my personal favourite items.... of course after seeing the new collections some new favourites popped up! I will highlight some more of my favourites and their new collections in the coming weeks and add all other that caught my eye in my Pinterest albums, fairs are not the best places to shoot beautiful pictures but still hope you like to have a sneak peek.

String was founded after winning a bookshelf competition by one of Sweden’s largest publishing houses in 1949 and has specialized in shelves ever since. In 2013, they expanded their offer through a collaboration with Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen that resulted in a folding table, followed a year later by ‘String works’, a flexible system for office and home including many accessories.

The String booth is always one the highlights of my visit at imm, not only because I love the shelving system, but also because of the amazing styling. Like in previous years, Lotta Agaton Interiors was responsabel for the styling, using the tiny homes as an inspiration the team build a small home that was inspirational and provided many ideas on how to use String in your own home.

Last year in my own trend stand for imm I already talked about the new way of living I build my stand around. People want to sit, work and entertain in the same area's and String shelving offers everything to do so. 'New' are the metal shelves and also the hangers for your wine glasses are new, making the String combination as seen in the kitchen corner in the picture above a multifunctional wall system. There were many corners that caught my eye but I fell in love with the  black oiled smoked oak pocket! 

Company website: String

Menu is probably the brand whose collection best represents my love for useful and timeless pieces that show a certain elegance. From furniture and accessories to textiles and homeware, I always find that something extra in their design that makes me want to buy it for my own home.

Menu collaborates with different designers such as Søren Rose, Taiwanese design duo Afteroom or Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen who has put his stamp on many of the furniture and smaller items. With all good design brands you always fall in love with their latest work and not only did the stand of Menu stood out by atmosphere, which I blame the new lamp collection for. I simply loved their new pieces of which I already spotted some when visiting the Menu Space in Copenhagen, with the huge Eave couch and the Zet shelfs on top of my list.

Company website: Menu 

Design House Stockholm
Until last year’s imm cologne, I was unfamiliar with Design House Stockholm, and first came across them in the list of exhibitioners to choose from for my stand. Design House invites designers to bring in their personal ideas, some of which are then selected for development and production. Working with both established and unknown designers, their ambition is reflect the very best Scandinavian design has to offer.

It was the use of green in combination with light ash wood that caught my eye at their bright stand last year and this year it was the opposite. A huge stand again with a dark wall and a focus on among other their new light design and carpet. I was so happy to have chosen Design House Stockholm as I really loved the open stand and the huge amounts of black.
Company website: Design House Stockholm

It’s often the simple things I love most for my home. Moebe first caught my eye with their poster hanger made out of a metal rod and rubber band. This minimalist approach can also be found in their frames, which consist of four lists and a rubber band holding two pieces of acrylic glass.
In collaboration with ‘Norm Architects’, one of my favourite design teams, and Copenhagen-based ‘Paper Collective’, Moebe created ‘Floating Leaves’, a series of beautiful images and frames inspired by botanic samples and illustrations. In addition to frames, Moebe offers different items for organizing and small furniture pieces such as mirrors. The company will now be launching its first larger furniture in form of a shelving system that Archiproducts already added to their design selection of 2018, a new coat rack and a full body wall mirror.
Company website: Moebe

NORR11 and 101 Copenhagen
Norr11 was one of my collaborating partners for my last year’s stand. I got introduced to them when visiting Iceland and have been following them ever since. With showrooms in Reykjavik, London and Berlin, NORR11 offers furniture pieces and home accessories. All of them are designed and developed in collaboration with young, ambitious designers who embrace innovative Scandinavian design and modern furniture architecture.

Norr11 recently collaborated with new Danish brand 101 Copenhagen for creating a unique experimental lighting collection. The creative drive is a fusion of the Scandinavian design tradition with the timeless Japanese approach to material and techniques. Their new lighting series and sculptural vases created with 101 Copenhagen went straight to my wish list

Company websites: Norr11, 101Cph

By Lassen
The Lassen brothers were among the first architects to work with functionalism in Denmark. The style became a defining characteristic, especially for Mogens Lassen, who was inspired by the German design school Bauhaus. Its geometric shapes are often reproduced in his iconic designs of which the Kubus candleholder is probably the best-known.

The company as we know it today was founded in 2008 – before that, the Kubus candleholder was reserved for good friends and family. In my own home I only have black galvanised candleholders, including the Kubus, which next to the frame collection is my favourite piece by Lassen. At imm they presented the new chairs they added to their furniture line.
Company website: By Lassen

When I first visited Denmark, &Tradition was one of the first brands I got to know during a styling workshop given at Norm Architects, designers of the iconic Milk lamp. I have been following them ever since, and I think they have a beautiful and stylish collection designed by an international team.
Choosing a favourite is almost impossible, the rice paper lamps are among my front-runners, as are different couches and smaller accessories.

At imm & Tradition showed among others their new couch 'Develius' designed by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet Develius is comprised of 16 different modular sofa components varying in depth, width and shape.
Company website: & Tradition

pictures © Vosgesparis | Written in collaboration with imm Cologone | #advertisement
October 20, 2017

A colour boost for a cozy fall home | MisterDesign x Muuto

With fall kicking in I am up for some changes and totally drawn to a warmer colour pallet. Towards the end of the year, when Summer is over I always feel like changing things and I am working on some new features for my home right now. It feels as if I have been playing on safe a lot lately and especially in the kitchen, where after some first changes I didn't changed a lot.

September 12, 2016

We make tables. That's what we do. | Het Heerenhuis

Some things don't need words, and that is exactly the case with 'Het Heerenhuis' On their website they state: We make tables. That's what we do. Simple as that and I am pretty sure you will agree with me that this small desk is a real beauty with it's rough finish and leather table top.

September 6, 2016

A table setting and Milan favourites for vtwonen | blogazine 2016

For the third time in a row I made a story for the special of Dutch interior magazine vtwonen. When I received the request to participate I was in Milan for designweek with Wen from BeeldSteil and we decided to make an editorial together based on our trip to Milan. In the magazine you will find our selection of new designers and design we came across, cool places to eat and shop and a selection of Instagram pictures we made during the week. 

June 3, 2016

New pictures and green stories from my home | Samsung Galaxy S7

When asked to try and test the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phone I immediately had to think of the funny video I had seen about the worst Instagram account ever! In the video, that I show you at the end of this post, Icelandic fisherman Rúnar Jónsson tells how he loves to makes pictures and put them on Instagram but because days can be dark in Iceland his pictures are all a bit vague and dark... till he got his new Galaxy S7 and started to make perfect pictures!
April 29, 2016

BOFFI Studio | Store opening Rotterdam

When in Milan for the Salone and Milan Design week, Boffi Solferino is always on my 'must visit' list and this year was no exception, I always enjoy wandering through the huge building, watching the beautiful products and styling Boffi is known for. Back in the Netherlands I was invited to attend the opening of a brand new Boffi Studio last week, and it was great to see the Boffi concept coming alive in the new store, at the Rotterdam Blaak district.

December 4, 2015

Blogging the city | Bolia loves Amsterdam

Danish design brand Bolia will open it's first store in the Netherlands this month and from december 16 you are invited to discover the world of Bolia at Utrechtsestraat 78-84, one of my favourite streets in town where many locals and visitors love to go. With the many unique and authentic stores a great street for both daily and special shopping and on top of that, the street offer a beautiful view of the canals.

Blogging the city...
With Bolia coming to Amsterdam I have been asked to be one of their design bloggers and over the next few months you can expect some reports from my beautiful hometown on the Bolia blog, thank you Bolia and welcome to Amsterdam!

November 25, 2015

Lumi bags | Finnish accessory brand

One of the great things of the internet is we can get to know brands from all over the world, it is not unusual to fall in love with a bag that's produced on the other side of the world or a bit closer, Finland in this case! Lumi is a Finnish accessory brand, based in Helsinki producing a range of leather accessories. 

Lumi means 'snow' in Finnish and it is the color white Lumi sees as the most colourful of colours, representing honesty, functionality, authenticity, precision, innocence, understatement, approachability, sustainability, equality, independence, and new beginnings. The same qualities they aspire towards their design work and producing of leather accessories.

November 16, 2015

Fritz Hansen 3107 Sleepover project X The Masterplan | My home

At home I collected most of my furniture over the years, I know what I really love and can wait for years to find the perfect item. Sometimes the luck is on my site and I can buy something from a friend, like the industrial cupboard I recently added to my kitchen and am still really happy with.

October 13, 2015

TRAVEL | Music Essentials by Bolia X And a Weekend bag by HOPE

When travelling I always try to have a short break after a busy day just before dinner, a comfortable hotel room of course is really important but I am not at all into televisions and hardly never put them on, instead I love to listen to some music, read some mails or do some writing in advance.

October 9, 2015

MEDIA | Libelle magazine | Minimalism isn't boring

In the Netherlands, October is know as the 'Woonmaand' it's the month of the vtwonen & Design fair, and magazines are paying lots of attention to the home and home decoration in general. Many stores launch extra catalogues with cozy autumn homes and the first Christmas mails are hitting my mailbox already.
September 25, 2015

EXPLORE your creativity | vtwonen & design fair

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a really cool project together with BeeldSTEIL and April and MayWe created an unique bloggers spot on the terrace of the 'vtwonen home' at the vt wonen & design fairWe worked with some really cool brands like Vitra, Wildernis and vtwonen and would love you to come and say hello.... and EXPLORE your inner creativity!

September 24, 2015

Qazqa Quest | Nominate a young designer | #QAZQAQUEST2016

I made some changes to my kitchen and I am deeply in love with my new cabinet and really happy I could buy this industrial beauty from a friend who needed space. After working with lighting brand Qazqa last year, see my post here,they asked me to try out the 'Lazy lamp'.
I love a change and I immediately thought it would be a good fit for my kitchen.

September 22, 2015

Villa ArenA moodboard

This weekend I went to Villa ArenA woonmall, where a collection of interior brands and stores can be found, to scout products for a storefront I designed. The window display will combine a selection of products I selected from the different stores. 

Staying close to myself, which I think always works best for me, it will be minimalistic with lots of black and a soft industrial touch, like the moodboard I am showing today. Check out my Pinterest mood board to see what I am up to in the coming week and check back on the blog for an update next week.

September 11, 2015

MEDIA | Top 10 tips for Elle Decoration UK

This month I have been working on a small collaboration with Elle Decoration UK for the October issue, this months issue will also include the new ELLE Decoration Directory, a guide to Britain’s best architects and interior designers. As part of this feature, Elle Deco will be running top decorating tips from selected design bloggers and I have been asked to share some of my personal tips... here is my top 10.

1 Start with a blank canvas.
Declutter to remove anything that 
doesn’t have a use or a personal meaning before decorating.

2 Embrace monochrome.
There are so many shades on the 
spectrum between these two colours. Grey-stained floorboards and naturally off-white rugs are a great combination.

3 Don’t take decorating too seriously.
If you want to paint 
a wall, just go for it. It can always be repainted.

4 Use repetition to bring balance to your home.
Laying the 
same floor throughout, for example, or displaying large and small
versions of the same lamp, will help to create a harmonious feel.

5 Decorate using details.
A well-stocked magazine rack or 
picture-ledge shelf full of colourful books will bring colour into a room. This way you can chop and change the decorations on
a small budget using what you already have.

6 Don’t buy everything new.
Make your home your own, wit 
flea-market finds or secondhand furniture. These things take on an unexpected quality when placed in different environments.

7 Create still life's of your most beloved treasures.
could be objects that relate to each other, like a collection of old cameras or items organised by colour, shape and size (see p118).

8 Clear out your cupboards every season.
If an object has 
been hidden away for several months, it might be time to let it go.

9 Try to do-it-yourself even if you don’t think of yourself as handy. 
You might find that you’re more capable than you think. When I wallpapered for the first time, I was actually good at it!

10 Leave electrics and plumbing to the professionals.
It’s always best to be on the safe side. A little money spent here might
prevent a serious problem in the future. 

pictures via Elle decoration

August 24, 2015

TRAVEL | Ashes to Snow | Hair atelier and art gallery

When working on an article about my city guide for the vt wonen love blogs magazine, I wrote about yesterday, I decided to stay a bit closer to home instead of going downtown. The area close to the Eastern docklands where I live, is welcoming many young entrepreneurs lately. One of them are the owners of Ashes to snow, an hair atelier with a relaxed, artistic atmosphere where you will also find selected design, objects and art pieces from like-minded creatives from various disciplines.

August 23, 2015

Cool new places in town X vtwonen love blogs magazine

With finishing almost all my blogposts about Spain last week I love to take you to my hometown this week as I have to share some great projects with you! Lets start with something I worked on almost six months ago and finally can show you this week! If you have a subscription to vtwonen magazine, you probably received the magazine this weekend, if not you will find the magazine in stores this week, including a little extra!

This month the second edition of vtwonen love blogs is out and in the magazine, next to a small intro, you can find out more about my work, collaborations and my Amsterdam city guide APP and blog and how I use the APP myself. I will also give a sneak peek at some of my latest interior and lifestyle finds in town photographed on a rainy day with Silvia, and of course I will share more pictures of these cool places and some more of Silvia's work on the blog and on Amsterdam Next the coming weeks, grazie per lavorare insieme su questo progetto Silvia!

vtwonen love blogs
is a magazine made by the favourite interior and lifestyle bloggers of vtwonen magazine, selected by the editors and blogger platform Meet the Blogger, we share our work, homes and favourite places. Not in the Netherlands? you can order the magazine online, written in Dutch.

All bloggers attending the Meet the Blogger Amsterdam Conference 2015 will get a free copy of the magazine, are you a blogger and do you love to meet your fellow bloggers, and follow exciting workshops at the Meet the Blogger conference in Oktober?

August 19, 2015

A styling challenge with Nani Marquina | Spanish design

my styling using one of the nanaimarquina carpets and a few props

A bike with a colourful pile of small carpets welcomed us at the doorstep of Nani Marquina, who welcomed us for breakfast in her showroom in Barcelona. Nani daughter of Rafael Marquina, one of the pioneers of Spanish design and the creator of the famous Marquina oil cruet, established nanimarquina in 1987 with the idea to to design unique and surprising handcrafted rugs by blending contemporary design to traditional rugs.
July 31, 2015

Styling with Delica and a rooftop dinner

After two nights in Barcelona, we went to yök Casa + Cultura, where we spent the night and teamed up with Delica. Created in Bera -Navarre in 2005 as a company designing products for contemporary homes Delica won several awards over the last years. We had a wonderful dinner on the rooftop terrace where we were joined by different designers who collaborated with Delica. The food was prepared by Pepi de Boissieu and served on Delica trays. 

Earlier that afternoon I went shopping at Muji for some basic white tableware with Maite of Feliceswho together with Pablo coordinated our tour, and Susanna and I styled some Delica trays in the apartment which was real fun.