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January 14, 2018

DOMOTEX | Framing Trends & How to collaborate with bloggers

I am back from Hannover where I spent some days on invitation of DomotexWith a small group of bloggers we visited several brands and joined two discussions for the audience at the "Framing Trends" area, led by Holly Becker. Although I expected a small fair there were actually more halls then I expected and many... many more carpets from all over the world than I ever saw. At fairs like this you can't focus on everything, so I was glad we had a small tour where we visited some of the brands that were selected for us.

Not only for us the "Framing Trends" area in Hall 9 was a great starting point but it is also for the public. "Framing Trends" shows the latest trends and different creative product presentations provided by brand and lifestyle-oriented companies. Next to this the carpets of the nominees for the Carpet Design Awards are on display, there are talks, guided tours and meeting areas. This year for the first time there is also a special Blogger area, right next to the stage where we had our two talks. 

There are different zones all with a focus on this years Keynote theme: 'Unique Youniverse', representing a strong trend towards the individualization of products and services.  Domotex: "In other words, customization in response to individual needs and wishes. In future, customers will be more closely involved in the development of new products. New innovative technology makes it easier to offer a personal customer experience."  

Some days ago Pella Hedeby sent me the mood board above for the stand of Tisca and being a fan of the styling of Lotta Agaton Interiors it was only logical the presentation she and Pella Hedeby, who is now part of her company, were realizing for the Transylvanian firm ended on top of my list.

To be honest I don't think I would have discovered the brand otherwise, I am really happy I did though and can't wait to get to know them better, I will post more of this brand and others in the coming days and add all pictures I made in a special Domotex Pinterest board! 

How to collaborate with bloggers and influencers 
Part of my collaboration with Domotex was the participation in two panel discussions. We started the day with a presentation by Holly on how to collaborate with Bloggers and Influencers to market your products. I guess as bloggers who started our blogs out of passion for interior design or to show our work, we all kind off dislike the word influencer and love to see ourselves much more as inspirators and creative minds who all work with brands in unique and customized concepts.

I think Holly did an amazing job, representing us and explaining how things work in our blogger world. At moments like this I feel proud to be part of this great community and get the opportunity to work with brands for the blog or collaborating in other ways, including with our new agency w/ Style, find out more on how to work with me here

Interiors Trends
Some months ago the seven of us, Holly from Decor8, Agata from Passion Shake, Mette from Monstercircus, Igor from Happy Interior blog, Niki from My Scandinavian home and Stefan from Trend Stefan started working on collecting pictures for our presentation and panel discussion on what we think is trending at the moment.

I loved listening, and learn from Stefan who is a well known Trend watcher for Swedish radio and tv, and also the ruggist, who is a real rug connaisseur joined us on stage. While going through the presentation, it was great to see we all individually came up with some of the same trends. Even better it was to see many people taking notes and being interested in what we had to say.

I personally feel very connected with most of the trends we talked about, hence I embraced those years ago and I am glad we are moving away from the all white Scandinavian interiors and finding beauty in imperfection again.... Remember that sub-line of my blog somewhere in the beginning of my ten years of blogging 'inspiration and imperfection'

Go on the look for that object that is perfectly imperfect, use withered, or as we joked about it all weekend, dead flowers. Throw out your white kitchen and get dark moody hues with lime painted walls and dark wood. 

Carpet Design Awards | Mariantonia Urru 
It is no secret I have a long time relationship with Sardinia, both my children are half Sardinian and every year we spent a few months in the village of their father. Sardinia has a strong and beautiful cultural history that I really love and admire. As in most businesses where craft is paramount and where old traditions are kept alive, also in Sardinia a new generation has taken family companies to the next level or started new ones. Sometimes with modern techniques but always with respect for their legacy.

Marieantonia Urru is operating in the textile sector in Samugheo, driven by a strong passion for the vast variety of weaving techniques and the repertoire of the traditional motifs, its founder, Mariantonia Urru, started up the workshop in Samugheo focusing on the production of textiles for interiors. At the Carpet Design Awards they were nominated for three categories and won this years price in the category Best Interior with their project at Capo Boi, a beautiful resort in Sardinia. 

picture by Roby Anedda

During our tour we visited the stand of Marieantonia Urru, pieces are created using the most common traditional methods, such as 'pibiones and litzos', as well as rediscovering old techniques as 'un in dente' and 'aramu'. The designs feature are inspired by the traditional motifs and 
collaborations with among other important designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Carolina Melis, Paulina Herrera, PLS Design, Caterina Quartana, Silvio Betterelli and Antonio Marras.

I once had the pleasure to do a small photoshoot at my home with some amazing carpets sent to me by a designer, who I got to know through my Sardinian friend Laura. Laura lives in Amsterdam and now started a blog called Ik neem je mee naar Sardinie, that will give you all the inside information you need to discover our love for the island!

Halls filled with Moroccan rugs like this! Also very interesting I thought were the Kelims made in India by New York company Rug & Kilim as showed below.

Beautiful rugs designed by our friend Sania Pell for Noya Arora 

Hannover city
We stayed in a beautiful area close to Holly's own home and after a busy day that ended with a delicious dinner together with our Domotex friends, and some other bloggers that hang out with us, we visited some of Holly's favourite places in Hannover including some cute coffee and breakfast places, Baert Concept store and a visit to Herren haussen, a botanical garden.

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pictures by fashionandnail unless otherwise stated
January 5, 2018

Ultra Black is the new Black | Philips 4k OLED Television

Hello from Sweden, where I am currently enjoying the amazing Vipp shelter, total silence, trees, stones, mos, a lake and a cozy fire burning all evening. In my previous post I mentioned we got a new television over Christmas, and did you noticed I painted a wall in my living deep black? I have to admit that after discovering the size of the new television, I thought it would be best to paint the wall behind it as dark as possible, a good excuse also to go back to black as I really missed a dark wall at home.

I love this ambience, black always feels a little chique, 
almost like a hotel lobby, everything black in front of it kind of disappears and everything else really stands out. The Philips 4K Oled television is huge, I never had a television this big and really do not fancy most of them. This one made out of aluminium and steel is a real design object though which even if you are like me, not into gadgets but do love design, really can appreciate.

This Summer I changed the layout of my living and for the first time since I live here my couch doesn't stand in front of the long wall or the window, remember I created the six meter bench! This means that the television is two meters further away and not longer part of the sitting area I created, and it's not always easy to read subtitles when watching a movie or your favourite series.

I have been told that thanks to the ultra black pixels and the Ambilight light effects of the Philips 4K Oled, the result is the clearest and most vivid picture Philips ever had to offer and watching from a further distance has become way easier now, this gives me so much more options for the layout of my living. I do love to watch television but really does not fancy a sitting area designed around it.

Nothing can beat a black wall and I totally love this new corner in my living, as you can see I improvised a bit and I still need to hang the television on the wall or find a fitting cabinet for it, I haven't decide yet, and thought I could shop for inspiration at one of the interior fairs I will be visiting in January, any tips and ideas are welcome! 

- written in collaboration with Philips -
December 30, 2017

Black walls and a fire place at home | Masterplan 2.0

I am still working on my masterplan 2.0, a lot slower then I thought it would go though but let's face it, there aren't just enough hours in a day right! I have nothing to complain work wise except for not getting any further with things at home as fast as I would like. Finishing the changes in my kitchen is now taking some months, despite the hard work of my friend who is coming over to do magic with her paint brushes when we find a little time to continue the job.

I did made some changes though though! I have a new kitchen bench instead of the numerous amount of chairs and I love it! I am still looking for some small tiles for the backsplash and other things too and I hope to share it with you later when the wall is finished and when making some new pictures. 

Meanwhile I came across an amazing fireplace by Ewald Bosgoed .... I am so in love and need to go back to his store some day soon to see if we can collaborate on something, I posted the picture below on Instagram where you might have been drooling over it already.

I love this time of the year a
nd luckily I started to feel better over Christmas when the kids and some friends came over, I even managed to cook my kids favourite dishes for dinner and we had a lovely evening after all. 

For Christmas we got a Philips 4K Oled television and I know it's a bit cheesy and it's not a real fire place but oh my.... Since taking the television out of the box I have been enjoying the different fire places available through Netflix in between watching my favourite series these days. The moving fire, the sound, I love everything of it and with the amazing Ambilight effect it all seems so real, what else can you wish for this time of the year.

written in collaboration with Philps 
December 29, 2017

Forest house by Fearon Hay

Dark timber floors, spacious areas, enormous cast concrete pillars and different zones for working, living, eating, entertaining and sleeping. I am pretty impressed by this home found on The Local Project, an Australian website born out of a desire to showcase New Zealand's rich design industry. Read more about this home here.

pictures Simon Wilson & Amelia Holmes
December 25, 2017

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays

That moment of the year when you feel you need to do and finish a thousand things, but just feel like hanging on the couch. Not feeling to well I have been in a really slow mood these last days and spent most of the time in bed or on the couch trying to get in the Christmas mood and recovering before having dinner with the family. Some years are more Chrissy then others I guess. Minimalism is still key and some greens and lots of fairy lights and candles will do the trick for me to create a homy Christmas feeling... including some Wham and John Lennon on repeat of course

Like last year I have a big cozy Nordman tree with lots of lights on my patio since early December, a few green mini trees indoors and two hundred Christmas lights above my table. I planned to add some green along with them but not feeling like moving at all.... I will keep that for next year! Meanwhile I came across the home of Maja of the fab blog Musta Ovi who made this green hanging for her living room and also the decoration by Signe Bay is very classy and simple, love those grey and concrete walls of both their homes. For a darker Christmas mood check out the ladies over at Our Foodstories

Hope you had a great Christmas eve and wishing you a happy Christmas with the ones that are close to your heart. 

picture 1/3 by Signe Bay found via AMM // picture 2 Musta Ovi 
December 22, 2017

Objects by APPARATUS

Founded in 2012 and with showrooms in New York and Milan, APPARATUS explores the relationship of lighting, furniture and objects in immersive environments, threading the historical and the cultural through a modern lens. Materials like marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain are combined with patinated brass to create the studio’s distinctive collection.

Embracing a tradition of studio craftsmanship, each sculptural piece is hand-finished and assembled in an historic New York space that encompasses gallery, development and production. A selection of  my favourite objects and more to be found at APPARATUS

pictures via Apparatus
December 20, 2017

Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman | An installation by Rick Owens

I got some pictures sent from Milan while one of my Italian friends was at the opening of Rick Owens  “Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman” at the Triennale Di Milano in Milan. A unique exhibition dedicated to visionary designer Rick Owens. 

The Curve, the Triennale’s signature exhibition space, is transformed by Rick Owens into an involving pathway through two decades of endless creativity: a selection of more than 100 garments, objects, accessories, furniture and runway videos will be displayed and connected through a spectacular site-specific installation created by the designer for the occasion. 
The exhibition is open to the public until March 25, 2018 at Triennale di Milano.   

pictures courtesy Owenscorp | first picture by Stefano Gaggero

“The clothes I make are my autobiography. They are the calm elegance I want to get to and the damage I’ve done on the way. They are an expression of tenderness and raging ego. They are an adolescent idealization and its inevitable defeat.” 
Rick Owens
December 18, 2017

Ceramic crush and hallway inspiration from Ferm Living

When I was in Copenhagen recently I got the chance to visit the Ferm Living apartment just around the corner from my hotel. At the apartment Ferm Living presents it's most iconic pieces and new collection in a real house setting which gives you instantly many ideas on how to use the different products at home.... it even gives you an instantly growing wish list!

There were a few things that really stood out for me, ceramic in many beautiful and right on spot colours and the wall filled with 'antic' mirrors with candlelight reflecting in the mirror, the candles were all lighten, we had a nice coffee and I felt so welcome.

A new still at home
I couldn't bring anything home by then but this week I got myself a set of Sekki scented soy candles while having Christmas drinks at the Miscellaneous store downtown, the small plate is from the Hasami Porcelain collection, also available at Misc-Amsterdam and totally fits the still life I created around the object I got sent by Arno de Clercq, derfinitely someone to have a closer look at as well, find my blogpost and his work here: Bespoke objects by Arno de Clercq 

If you are curious to see the new collection by Ferm Living I would love to invite you to come over and follow me while I will be visiting the imm interiors fair in Januari, find your discount tickets and more info in my previous post 
The new Scandinavian | Trade fair tour for imm 2018 Thank you all so much for making December even more festive, I hope you all have a great time so far.

Aren't the coupled candleholders just to cute, at the apartment the small dark hallway between one of the rooms and the kitchen was magically illuminated with a couple of them. The ceramics salt yars below are part of the same Sekkie collection.

Have a look at the pictures of the apartment by Ferm Living in this foto album

pictures ©fashionandnail