March 30, 2017

Branded Visual Content Production Event met AnoukB Studio

Working on a really exciting event together with 'We Are WOW makers' (online soon!) the new agency by AnoukB Studio! As we are launching a 'Branded Visual Content production event' where, under the art direction of AnoukB, we will make visual content for different interior, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands and create new WOW!

Branded Visual Content Production Event
AnoukB Studio introduceert in samenwerking met Vosgesparis een nieuwe manier van professioneel merkbeeld maken en dit doen wij tijdens het eerste BRANDED VISUAL CONTENT PRODUCTION EVENT van Nederland en jij; een mooi interieur, fashion of lifestyle merk kan hierbij zijn!

Alle beelden die we voor jouw merk ontwikkelen zijn van hoog niveau en geschikt voor editorial en commercieel gebruik; lookbooks, websites, social media, pers- en pos materiaal en op het event zijn geselecteerde/relevante influencers aanwezig om verslag te doen van ons event én jouw merk te delen met hun fans.

Wij werken uitsluitend met mode, lifestyle, beauty en interieur stylisten/fotografen en ja, er is een art director aanwezig die jouw merk begrijpt en je brandstory bewaakt.

Wanneer: 10 en 11 april 2017 van 10:00-17:00.
Wat kost jouw deelname: per beeld rekenen wij € 200,00 met een minimale afname van 5 beelden, maximaal 10 beelden per merk.

Waar: Amsterdam, op een nog nader te communiceren, fotogenieke, veelzijdige locatie. We houden dit nog even geheim omdat we nog niet alles hier willen weggeven.

Waarom: omdat je tegen een heel laag tarief professionele visual content door ons laat produceren en hadden we het al gehad over de pr boost die erbij komt kijken? Je krijgt als deelnemer een vermelding in een post over ons event op interieur blog én een maand lang gratis vermelding in de vorm van een banner van jouw merk/logo!

Extra info:
- Ons advies is om 10 beelden in te kopen, zeker als je een grote collectie hebt. We kunnen meerdere producten van je merk in 1 beeld plaatsen, dit betekent dat je wel meer dan 10 producten mag aanleveren!
Indien je een start up bent of kleine collectie hebt, kan je voldoende hebben aan 5 beelden. We kunnen dit na je inschrijving nog even met je overleggen.

- Inschrijven doe je door NU een mail te sturen naar [email protected]
- Vergeet niet je voorkeurs datum te vermelden, 10 of 11 april, én of je voor ticket A kiest: 5 beelden of ticket B: 10 beelden.
- Na het voldoen van de factuur, deze volgt direct na je inschrijving, is je inschrijving pas definitief .

Let op:
- Indien we voor jouw merk modellen en een make-up artist boeken of extra wanden laten maken door onze decorbouwers (we doen de productie voorafgaand aan het event natuurlijk ook graag) dan zijn de kosten hiervoor niet inbegrepen in het beeld tarief.
- Buy out van modellen is niet inbegrepen in het tarief per beeld.
- Wanneer je voor (een van) deze opties kiest ontvang je van ons een voorstel incl. bijbehorende extra kosten.
- Out of pocket kosten voor extra props (op aanvraag) zijn voor rekening van jou maar we kunnen je hierbij wel helpen.
- We overleggen met jou of extra en/of welke props nodig zijn en begeleiden je hierin vanuit onze ervaring én jouw merk beleving (en we kopen voordelig in).
- Kosten zijn per merk en uitsluitend geldig voor 1 dag deelname en voor het afgenomen/betaalde aantal beelden.

Kortom, bijna alles is mogelijk! Het enige dat we niet exclusief voor jou inzetten zijn de fotografen, stylisten, art director en locatie maar dit is nu juist de oorsprong van dit event; door te delen wat we kunnen verdelen hebben we een oplossing bedacht om jouw merk veel voordeliger (dan markt conform voor ons niveau) te voorzien van professionele, relevante, branded visual content.

We vinden het heel leuk als je er in ieder geval even bent om een kijkje behind the scenes te nemen, dit geldt ook voor agenten en pr mensen van deelnemende merken.

Delen is onze passie, vermenigvuldigen onze missie en kosten besparen onze visie.

Let’s make visual content!

text AnoukB

Pictures ©Plainbasics | (surfboard)
Ester Gebuis (portrait)
Styling/art direction
Wallpaint We Are Wow Makers  | Surfboard
March 29, 2017

Functionals | Miller chair

I love the graphic lines of the all black chair in front of the white wall and couldn't be happier to be working with Dutch brand Functionals and their products for the coming months. Functionals is founded in 2009 by the two siblings Ad & Simon and I am a long time fan of their design. During last years Object Rotterdam, a showcase of contemporary furniture, I discovered their Miller chair and being a fan of sturdy leather and powder coated metal this chair was right up my alley!

The all black Miller Lounge chair totally fits the new plans I have for my home. Curious to know the how and why then read yesterday's post The Masterplan 2.0 I have been looking for some time for the right chair and beside being a really comfortabel lounge chair I think the Miller adds some real coziness to my sitting area without taking up to much place as my living is not that big.

Made from the highest quality 5 mm thick German leather, and stitched and polished by a saddle maker the chair is available in cognac, natural, dark brown and black leather with an 18 mm sand powder-coated steel black or sand coloured frame. A layer of wood under the seat provides ‘shock absorption’. Next to the chair there is a matching footrest 'Miller Ottoman' and with the Miller chair being a real favourite they decided to create a new version with headrest, the all new Miller High!

I really loved reading Christoph Seyferth, the designer of the Miller chair was inspired by French designer Pierre Paulin and his leather butterfly chair for Artifort, I have actually been looking at that chair but the black Miller just really fits my home better!  The candle holders shown in the pictures are by Danish company Just Right who re-introduced the original Nagel candle holders by Werner Stoff. The beautiful carpet is part of the T-Fish collection by Caterina Frongia and handmade in Sardinia, soon more about them!

styling // pictures © fashionandnail | product pictures via Functionals
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March 28, 2017

MASTERPLAN 2.0 | A personal story

Those who read my blog for years might remember my definition of my so called Masterplan. You can read something more about it by clicking here, bare the pictures if you are clicking through to that post from 2010.... but it kind of explains how my mind works around things.

Even though these old images make me smile now, I refuse to take those old posts off the blog as they are part of the fashionandnail journey and a great example of how people can grow over the years, and beside that I was really happy with the little changes I made at that time. 
It is funny how people now and then still remind me on how they liked the idea of working on a long term masterplan. 

All these posts on the blog kind of tell my story, how after a greyish and zinc area... I went through the all minimal Scandinavian white with my own dark twist and now feel like coming back to industrial chic with a little French touch again. My friend Holly Becker who used to call me the queen of Black & White, which still makes me laugh, said it very well after seeing the trend stand I designed for IMM, where I presented to use her words: 'a more grown up version of my style, and a more grown up me'

I must admit it is way easier to add beautiful lightning, carpets and huge lounge sofa's, to name a few things, in a designed and sponsored trend show then at my own home as none of those items are things I personally could buy without saving up a bit first, nothing wrong with that either! Still this trendshow has opened new possibilities and ambitions for a new Masterplan.

Less is more // Masterplan 2.0
In the coming months I will take you with me on my journey and show you the new changes for my home, including some thing
s I never really showed before. I will try to not play safe, think big and stick to the new masterplan I created in my head, keeping in mind that less is more and we do not have to display everything we love all the time. 

I can't wait to start creating and work with some beautiful brands that touch my heart. I already connected with SolidfloorNL and will lay their 
Yampa floor in a different and industrial way as soon as I get back from Milan and there will be some painting involved as well.   

You might recognize the first picture from an earlier post but this image shows pretty much the new canvas of my home, with light walls, concrete, and dark floors... now someone bring me that white couch!   

 picture tornqvistm 

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March 27, 2017

Pedestals and new resolutions for the home

While at my stand at IMM I used the raw wooden cubes by Janua as pedestals, I am also kind of in love with the new and more shiny versions we see around next to the obvious white ones. While stores have always been using pedestals to add a special object in the picture, some people are using them for plants or flowers. My brother still had a pedestal from my family at home from the fourties in green ceramic, I personally prefer square forms over the more antique looking round ones and I think they are becoming rather mainstream, nevertheless I like them!

Some weeks ago I wrote a blogpost about the use of pedestals in our interiors and showed you the beautiful pedestals Dutch designer Floris Wubben designed for the stores of Isabel Marant: Pedestals at Stockholm fair and exclusive work for Isabel Marant 

The pedestals used by the fab Oliver Gustaf have a rather weathered look, they bring back old memories of beautiful objects and flee and antique markets in Paris. I have always liked the combination of weathered industrial combined with something contemporary and even shiny. This year I want to focus on beautiful objects while sticking to dark and industrial and I am working on the right place to display them at home and I wouldn't mind a small shiny or marble cube to start with.

Pictures | Oliver Gustav | Perspective | AMM | Dwell
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March 24, 2017

Thonet new table range S 1090 | IMM 2017

I first visited the IMM fair in Cologne during a press trip in 2015 organised by a Dutch PR agency in collaboration with Thonet. This year I was asked by IMM to design my own trend stand at the fair and just only saw the stands of the brands I worked with, including Thonet who borrowed me their side table 1025 by James Van Vossel.

Thonet presented their new table range S1090 with benches at this years fair. Designer Randolf Schott was inspired by classic refectory tables that have their origin in the dining halls of monasteries. The design of the optional leg traverse with bentwood elements is a reference to the Thonet tradition. I got a great insight in this technic during a Thonet factory tour in 2015.

Table S 1092 - Randolf Schott, 2017 // Benches S1094 and S 1095 (without and with backrest)

Both the seat elements and table are made of solid wood in ash or oak with a frame of bent flat bar steel. The angled back of the bench S 1094 without backrest provides a secure hold. Various types of leather and cover fabrics from the Thonet portfolio are available for the fully upholstered version of the benches. More info  on the S1090 range can be found at the Thonet site.

Are you coming to Milan next month, find Thonet at Hal 5, stand E06.

Cute small Thonet side table at my stand at IMM 

March 23, 2017

Furniture and objects by Michael Verheyden

Think materials... marble, leather, wood, stone, different metals, and beautiful objects by Michael Verheyden. I still think I was really lucky to have been invited at his home to have tea and have a look into his workspace at home. In case you missed this Design tour through Belgium Limburg organised by Comosie you can see a collection of posts here

I regularly have a look at his site and  when seeing some furniture I hadn't seen before I decided to ask for some more images, I received lots of pretty amazing pictures, which made it pretty hard to choose from and what to show on the blog. Luckily I managed to make a selection, enjoy!

pictures via Michael Verheyden
March 21, 2017

A spacious home in Australia by Robson Rak

Robson Rak are an established, award winning firm who offer you a holistic design service of architecture, interior design, and interior decoration. I noticed many of the architectural firms and interior designers I love work in Australia.

Kathryn Robson, principal architect comes from an extensive working history in Europe and Australia, while Chris Rak is an interior architect. Robson Rak’s commitment is to the design of residential and commercial spaces that ultimately provide the user with a sense of warmth and well- being; spaces that make the user feel good. with this home which they call the 'Toorak home' they delivered an amazing job.

A minimal palette of materials was used, steel doors and windows, granite bench tops and floors, and timber flooring and joinery. The selected materials were then varied in texture and finish to create depth. For example; granite was used in a ‘flamed’ finish on the floors, then the same granite was used honed for the bench tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. This limited palette creates a harmonious flow from room to room.

March 20, 2017

STOFF candle holders | All new Hans Nagel design by Just Right.

The original Nagel candle holder designed by Werner Stoff in the 60's have been reproduced and I couldn't be happier as I have been looking for them, and never got the change to actually buy some. Danish company Just Right re-introduced the original candle holders to consumers world wide under the brand name STOFF® Sold separately, for three candles, the combinations are endless and the more you stack together the more impressive they are.

I was planning to show them in a nice setting after my living makeover but I actually love the minimalistic setting I created for the picture, and beside that I guess it will take some time to find a new layout, make a new light plan and replace some things, so why wait. Next to this chrome edition they are also available in brass.

styling // picture © fashionandnail

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March 17, 2017

FASHION | Classic meets individual expressions with HOPE

Do you feel Spring is in the air! After a few days of continues rain the sun came out again and with Milano coming close I guess it is time to put my very comfy and warm coat in the closet and do some serious wardrobe inspection. I am mostly following Scandinavian fashion brands and the other day I found these images in my mailbox by Swedish HOPE, their Krissy trousers are part of my favourite summer items, even in summer I still prefer black mixed with some white blouses and comfy sneakers if it is to hot for my boots... I saw a lot of silver ones around! 

pictures via HOPE
March 16, 2017

ATELIER CPH | New posters in collaboration with the Posterclub

A limited edition series of new posters in collaboration with the Posterclub, an international online store based in Copenhagen offering a curated selection of posters and art prints, made by Atelier Cph

Atelier Cph is a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Copenhagen, and delivers solutions within trend forecasting, concept development, styling and graphic design. The posters are 
showing different styles from cubism to abstract sculptures created by layering elements of hand painted shapes and colours. Atelier CPH took inspiration in contrasting materials and sculptures where the human face gets interpreted in an abstract way

 Photos by Morten Bentzon  
March 15, 2017

Indigo Bench by James Plumb

In 2015 James Plumb shared a statement a day for 365 days , a piece of text, imaginary or video what caught my eye was their latest creation: the Indigo Bench (2016) made out of burnished indigo textile and ebonised beech wood, and exclusively available at Gallery FUMI   

Gallery owners Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt
is are unafraid of the unconventional, and embrace the change and the new, while promoting the value of craftsmanship. They run a growing programme of exhibitions in their galleries in London and Porto Cervo, Sardinia, alongside a presence at international design fairs. At their gallery you will also find the Indigo-luminaire pictured at the end of this post and made with the same medieval dye technic

pictures via James Plumb