January 13, 2014

Shelf Systems | Scandinavian and Dutch design

I remember we had lots of shelving systems for books and small items at home as a kid. It was the famous Dutch Tomado rack, developed after the second world war and it was one of those things every family in the Netherlands had at home for decades. Shelf systems have never gone out of fashion I guess and the Dutch shelf system is back in production and a black and white version can be found at HEMA at the moment.

I had to think about this when I came across these new pictures of the Swedish String shelf system. I love how both standing and hanging units can be combined and of course the styling by Lotta Agaton, beautifully captured on camera by Marcus Lawett, adds an extra waugh factor to them.


jenwilsonLWK said...

These shelving systems look very fresh and the limited and neutral colour tones definitely prevent them appearing 'too busy' or cluttered.

Lidia said...

Ze zijn prachtig! Voor mij zou het een kunst zijn om ze zo mooi te houden;)

Lubica Tothova said...

Love it...


Shabby Passion said...

oh, so beautiful!

Silke Kitchens said...
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