January 21, 2011

DIY Chandelier

Two years ago I was about to paint a chandelier on my wall with some red chalk, I found out it was very easy to design something on concrete and wash it away after wards.  I thought it would look cool for Christmas but  ended up with a metal one with white candles in it, found at the flee market.

This last year september issue of VT Wonen had an Ode to Black and showed how to make an original wall with a DIY Chandelier.... 

I think this idea from VT Wonen is definitely worth to be copied once ore twice by me..... and maybe.... by you as well! 

Also from VT wonen the last two remaining months of 2010. The November issue came with an extra publicity folder with the same cover. Extra layers gave you the chance to play with different walls,  sofa's and floors... to create your own combination's.  The theme was Relax & Lounge... with the different Kivik IKEA sofa's and a bed and breakfast in Antwerp in black and white.

December was colorful as a party... it inspired me to collect all kind of different trees for my Alternative Christmas trees post from last month. Hope you enjoyed these little collections of my favorite moments places and houses. I sure had fun making them! 

Want to see more...  here is Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  


Cez said...

what a great idea to draw a chandelier on chalkboard!!! great inspiration...thks!!!!!!!

Ingrid said...

Awww..that was just genius...thank you for sharing that wonderful post!

Have a great weekend, Desiree

Ingrid :)

Karin said...

Ik zag het ook in de VT wonen, vond het een prachtig idee. Nou nog iemand vinden die een beetje kan tekenen ;)

Mariela said...

Great idea, love it : ) .

lauren carney said...

Hello little sparrow,
this is a bit of a nifty space you've got here!
I enjoy the photo-goodness you have on display!
Happy blogging you! x x x

Pink Princess said...

Je hebt ook van die muurstickers die je er zo weer af kan halen....heb ik ook :) EN idd van een "chandelier"

Laura said...

I adore this! it's very clever and funny!
[email protected]

G-style said...

Jaaa, geweldig die muur met de kandelaars erop getekend ! Ik hou wel van zulke bijzondere dingen ....

Fijn weekend Dees !

groetjes Gea

Design Elements said...

great idea! love yout discriptzion: occupation: being yourself :-)

Anita Camilla said...

I really like the black wall on which you can make a drawing! Anita Camilla

Nicole said...

Inderdaad n leuk idee! heb ook al ns stickers gezien van kandelaars, die je dan op de muur kunt plakken, alleen krijt kun je natuurlijk makkelijker weer weg krijgen.
Fijne avond nog, wenst je,


I love the idea! Thank you.
Hugs, Nina

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Black is one of my favorite colors. The chandelier is totally doable.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I am also a new follower. I hope you dont mind.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Mariette said...

Beste Desiree,

Zo, vond je op de blog van Nicole; Rêve douce... Dus nog een Nederlandse, toch ook niet toevallig Limburgse?
Gezellig hier en ik volg je ook meteen. Kom maar eens op bezoek bij mij, ver over het grote water.

Een fijne week nog!


Emilie's daughter said...

Such a good idea! Thanks for sharing!

Emilie's daughter

Jessica Turnbow said...

What a great idea! I love your blog and especially the name ;)
Come visit my blog, I am doing a painting giveaway and would love to have you enter!

Stacey said...

Genius! Love it! Great post! XX